All of our study travel tours are led by architect / professor Viviano Villarreal-Buerón. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Viviano has led study tours through Asia, Euorope and Latin America. The tours are specially designed for architecture students but open to anyboyd interested in art, culture and architecture. These tours are high paced (we try to cram and fit in as much as we can) and filled with Viviano´s insights and passion.

European Masters 2020

02 JUNIO - 07 JUNIO 2020

European Masters 2020, is a tour through France and Switzerland focusing primarily on Le Corbusier and Peter Zumthor´s built works. We will visit the Le Corbusier´s iconic Villa Savoye and Ronchamp Chapel, we will visit and sleep at the La Tourette Monastery and Firminy a small French town with 3 Le Corbusier projects in 1 km2, which boasts Le Corbusier´s St. Pierre church which construction halted in the 1960´s with the death of the architect, but one of his protégés would later finish in 2006, making it a brand new L.C project. We will also sleep at one of L.C famous Unité residential complexes. In Switzerland we will do the pilgrimage to Zumthor´s Vals thermes and the San Benedict chapel tucked in the swiss mountains. In between we will also make a stop at the architectural museum that is the Vitra Campus.

Group Size: 9

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Bernini Borromini + Bienalle

09 JUNIO - 13 JUNIO 2020

The Rome + Venice 2020 tour starts with an intense 2-day walking through baroque Rome, From Santa Bibiana to St Peter´s, we will visit chronologically all of Bernini and Borromini’s noteworthy projects, tracing historically their importance and the two architects’ rivalries as well as the weaving influence of popes and Rome´s noble class. There will be a few surprises along the way. After Rome we will take a train to Venice to witness the most important architecture exhibition in the world, the Venice Biennale. With its two sites, Giardini and Arsenale, the two days n Venice are packed with architecture overload which we will end with Champagne at St Marks square.

Group Size: 16

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07 MARZO - 07 MARZO 2020

This is a guided site visit by Architect Viviano Villarreal-Buerón through the construction of the "Corporativo Farmacias del Ahorro" Project. During the visit the basics of the concept design will be covered and the group will be able to walk into through and around all the accessible areas of the construction including basement, main plaza, lobby, terrace, office floors and rooftop. All construction and architectural design questions will be addressed through the guided tour and at a final q&a. Notes: Photography is allowed. Must bring adequate footwear, construction helmet and high visibility vest. Group will meet at 10AM at the Soriana Coffee shop next to the construction site. Tour duration: 60 mins

Group Size: 15

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